Dentistry With a Difference


It is estimated that more than 35 million Americans have some form of anxiety associated with dental visits. Often, trepidation over an appointment with the dentist can lead to years, even decades of dental neglect. If this sounds like you, rest assured that for patients in Rocklin, CA, a gentle dental experience that can make you re-think your negative feelings about the dentist is truly possible!

Starting with a small, close-knit staff of professionals that treat you like family, to a home-like office layout and design, the practice of Dr. Ashish Arya is something completely different. We understand and identify with your anxiety. We start by listening, and our valued patients are always treated with kindness and patience! Our facility also boasts amenities that make it as comfortable as possible!

If you have been neglecting much needed dental care, we want to help. Take the first step towards improving your health and appearance, call us! Dr. Arya’s qualified dental team treat all of our patients with respect and dignity, so if dental fear is a concern of yours, tell us right away. This way, we can make sure to do everything possible to ensure your utmost comfort.

For your gentle dental experience in Rocklin, don’t hesitate to contact Whitney Oaks Dental. We look forward to changing the way you view dentistry!

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